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If you’re reading this and interested in the program, we want you to apply! You don’t have to be majoring in a science or have experience doing field work. If you are interested in learning to work in the field, studying the environment, and Hawaii you should apply! The most important prerequisite for participation in the Wrigley Program is enthusiasm for working and learning outdoors.

There is one academic prerequisite: You must have completed at least one related introductory science class (i.e. GEOLSCI 1, BIO 43, HUMBIO 2A). If you have taken one of these or a similar class, please apply. You may also be currently enrolled in one when you apply.

Other Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must be a current Stanford Undergraduate at the time of application and for the duration of the program.
  2. You must maintain Satisfactory academic progress. Read more about Academic Progress
  3. You cannot be on suspension due to Community Standards, Academic Suspension, or Dean’s Leave at the time of application or for the duration of the program. Students on academic probation or provisional registration status require the endorsement their Undergraduate Advising Director and the Wrigley Program Directors.
Students working the field in Hawaii
Students working the field in Hawaii
Students working the field in Hawaii
Students working the field in Hawaii


NOTE: Students that have been accepted into the program will undergo an eligibility check. This check is primarily to ensure that the above requirements are met. The list of accepted students will also be reviewed by several other offices on campus to ensure each student is prepared to be away from campus.

Confidential information will not be shared with program staff, but each office may reach out directly to students to discuss their participation in the program.  Concerns raised by other offices and addressed directly with the applicant will not affect a student’s acceptance to the program, but depending on the nature of the concern, those offices may encourage certain planning steps be taken or possibly seeking other opportunities.

The Wrigley Program may revoke admission at any point prior to the program should there be any changes to a student’s qualifications, standing at the University, or readiness to participate in the program. Program staff will notify the student should there be any concerns, or if the student is no longer eligible to participate in the program.